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The 2017 Florida Dental Convention offers a variety of topics taught by world-renowned speakers. FDC offers courses for the entire dental team. From practice management and team building courses to hands-on workshops and clinical lectures, there is sure to be a course for you! CLICK HERE to search for FDC2017 courses by day/time, speaker, topics, courses, workshops and keywords. 

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Early-bird Registration open on Wednesday, March 1st!
FDC2017 Speakers

Ms. Karen Allen

Dr. John Alonge

Dr. Alan Atlas

Dr. Anna Avola

Dr. David Beach

Ms. Judy Bendit

Mr. Luis Berrior

Dr. David Bonner

Dr. Lee Ann Brady

Ms. Wendy Briggs

Mr. Jonathan Burns

Dr. Robert Callery

Dr. Natalie Carr-Bustillo

Dr. John Cavallaro Jr.

Dr. Frank Cervone

Dr. Raymond Choi

Mr. Bruce Christopher

Mr. Tom Clark

Dr. Daniel Davidian

Dr. Edgar Davlia

Ms. Hellen Davis

Mr. Michael DeMeola

Dr. Paul Edwards

Dr. Ross Enfinger

Mr. Chad Erickson

Mr. Rick Ferguson

Mr. Roger Gilbert

Dr. Joshua Gindea

Dr. George Hall

Ms. Linda Harvey

Dr. Mel Hawkins

Dr. Van Haywood

Dr. Hannah Heinzig

Dr. Harald Heymann

Ms. Mary Horvath

Dr. Ron Kaminer

Mr. Todd Keith

Dr. Wayne Kerr

Dr. Mark Kleive

Mr. Dave La Veigne

Dr. John Lednicky

Dr. Samuel Low

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog

Dr. Denis Lynch

Dr. Mike Malone

Marvelless Mark

Mr. Greg May

Dr. Edwin McDonald

Mr. Daniel McNeff

Dr. Robert Miller

Dr. Tung Nguyen

Mr. Graham Nicol

Mr. Jason Nunez

Dr. Jill Ombrello

Ms. Alicia Owens

Ms. Laci Phillips

Dr. Mark Piper

Dr. Greg Psaltis

Dr. Sundeep Rawal

Dr. David Roshkind

Mr. Robert Sanchez

Ms. Julie Seitzinger

Dr. Tracy Shaw

Dr. Pamela Sims

Dr. Ann Eshenaur Spolarich

Ms. Sandra Strickland

Dr. Stephen Towns

Dr. Mehmet Uzel

Dr. Arthur Volker

Dr. Richard Weems

Dr. DeWitt Wilkerson

Dr. Don Yaeger