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8-9 AM
Christopher, Mr. Bruce
KEYNOTE: Are We Having Fun, Yet?  Humor and Peak Performance in the Dental Practice (NC01)

9-11 AM
Nunez, Mr. Jason
Considering Acquiring a Practice? (NC03)

9 AM-12 PM
Davidian, Dr. Daniel
Leveraging Local Anesthetic to Boost Practice Efficiency and Patient Experience (C04)

9:30-10:30 AM
Lednicky, Dr. John
Zika and Related Viruses in Saliva: Risk to Dental Practitioners? (C12)

11 AM-12 PM
Enfinger, Dr. Ross
Thinking Outside the Box with CEREC (C14)

2-3 PM
Uzel, Dr. Mehmet
Comprehensive Implant Treatment Planning in the Tissue Engineering Era (C24)

2-4 PM
Burns, Mr. Jonathan
Considering Starting a Practice? (NC06)

2-5 PM
Erickson, Mr. Chad
How to Transform Your Marketing From Pathetic to Powerful (NC08)

3:15-5:15 PM
Carr-Bustillo, Dr. Natalie 
Start Off on the Right Foot: How to Establish an Infant Oral Health Program in Your Practice (C25)


8-9 AM
Marvelless Mark
KEYNOTE:Opportunity Rocks! (NC11)

9 AM-12 PM
Ombrello, Dr. Jill
Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children (C31)

10 AM-12 PM
Gindea, Dr. Joshua
Website Design and Internet Marketing: Building your Practice in a Digital World (NC13)

2-5 PM
DeMeola, Mr. Michael

The Epidemic of Dental Embezzlement - Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention (NC15)

2-5 PM
Ferguson, Dr. Rick

Simplifying Computer-guided Surgery: Maximizing Success While Minimizing Complexity for the Dentist & Patient (W18)


8-9 AM
Yaeger, Mr. Don
KEYNOTE: What Makes the Great Ones Great (NC18)

9 AM-12 PM
Kaminer, Dr. Ron

Tips and Tricks for Maximum Success (C55)

10-12 PM
Clark, Dr. Tom
Dental Marketing Made Easy: Using Social Media to Get the Best Patients (NC22)

2-4 PM
Edwards, Dr. Paul
Heinzig, Ms. Hannah

Pemphigus and Pemphigoid-- The Unique Role of the Dental Professional (C66)

2-5 PM
Briggs, Mr. Wendy

Double Your Production Tomorrow (NC23)