PDC Associate Members

The Foundation fields many questions regarding the state sovereign immunity provisions. For the benefit of our PDC members, click here for the list of Florida Department of Health volunteer coordinators who are an excellent resource.

PDC Grant Applications

A benefit of being a PDC Associate Member is obtaining access to the annual PDC Grants awarded every August. Applications are sent out between the end of June to the beginning of July. In 2014, $75,000 in grant monies was awarded to PDC organizations. PDC Associate Members will receive an email notification when the application process opens; notice will be posted below with the grant application as well.

CE Credit

The Florida Board of Dentistry allows up to seven hours of continuing education (CE) credit for participating in pro bono dental services and programs approved by the Board. The Florida Board of Dentistry has preapproved all Project: Dentist Care (PDC) affiliated programs for pro bono CE credit. CE credit shall be calculated at a ratio of one CE credit for each hour of patient services provided to PDC programs.

In preapproving PDC programs, the Board assumes that these programs abide by certain standards. You can view these standards on the Board of Dentistry’s website.

In order for a dentist or hygienist to claim CE credit, they need a completed CE certificate, which you can obtain by emailing pdc@floridadental.org.

PDC Photos

The Florida Dental Association Foundation’s (FDAF) donors pride themselves in making a difference in peoples’ lives. The continued support from our donors is critical to our future fundraising efforts and our ability to assist you in future endeavors. Help them understand the impact of their generosity on an individual’s life by supplying us with a picture of someone being helped by FDAF’s support or a written testimony to that affect.

Please send your photos to pdc@floridadental.org along with a copy of the Foundation Release Form.

Quarterly Report Forms

Every quarter, the Foundation asks all PDC members to turn in forms that sum up their donated dental services. Click here to download the Quarterly Report form. Quarters are broken down as follows:

  • January–March (due April 15)
  • April–June (due July 15)
  • July–September (due Oct. 15)
  • October–December (due Jan. 15)