PDC Equipment Clearinghouse

The Project: Dentists Care (PDC) Equipment Clearinghouse provides a unique opportunity for dental charity. Several 501(c)(3) organizations lack appropriate dental equipment to fully serve needy populations. The PDC Equipment Clearinghouse is the medium by which dental charities can access such equipment.

If you have equipment to give, please send an email to the FDA Foundation at pdc@floridadental.org. In this email include the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Address (including the city and zip code)
  • Type of Equipment
  • Description of Equipment
  • Date Equipment needs to be picked up (if applicable)

You are encouraged to verify the 501(c)(3) status form of the organization receiving your donation. Also, please let the FDAF know when the item has been picked up so that the appropriate changes can be made to the database.

Please note that the PDC Equipment Clearinghouse is intended to be a conduit for those who have equipment to donate and those who are seeking donated equipment. The FDAF is not responsible for contacting one party on behalf of another.