House of Delegates

The House of Delegates (HOD) is the FDA’s legislative body. The HOD meets twice a year to make the association’s policy decisions — typically in January and June. The HOD consists of elected delegates and alternate delegates from each component, and one student delegate and alternate from each dental school

2017 HOD Materials

2017 FDA January Semi-annual House of Delegates Meeting, Jan. 27-28

2016 HOD Materials

2016 FDA Annual House of Delegates Meeting, June 17-18
Inside an HOD Meeting Reference Committees

Access to HOD meeting materials (agendas, reference committee reports, supplemental meeting materials and minutes) is available to all FDA members from the following links (in date order):

2016 January Semi-annual House of Delegates Meeting

Supplemental Items
Ottley Nomination Form
Specialty Tag Information
Statistics for Board of Dentistry FY 14 -15

2016 Nomination Forms

2015 HOD Materials

2015 January Semi-annual Session of the House of Delegates
2015 HOD Agenda Supplemental 1
2015 HOD Agenda Supplemental 2
House of Delegates  June 12-13, 2015
Reference Committee Reports

Applications for open leadership positions:

Speaker of the House Nomination Form
Editor Nomination Form
Treasurer Application Form