Alexandra Abboud

Governmental Affairs Coordinator
ext. 7204

Elizabeth Bassett

FDC Exhibit Planner
ext. 7108

Leona Boutwell

Finance Services Coordinator
ext. 7138

Rachel Burch

Computer Support Technician
ext. 7153

Larry Darnell

Director of Information Systems
ext. 7102

Joyce Defibaugh

Membership Dues Assistant
ext. 7116

Drew Eason

Executive Director
ext. 7109

Deanne Foy

Finance Services Coordinator
ext. 7165

R. Jai Gillum

Director of Foundation Affairs
ext. 7117

Kerry Gomez-Rios

Kerry Gomez-Rios

Director of Member Relations
ext. 7121

Greg Gruber

Greg Gruber

Chief Financial Officer
ext. 7111

Joe Anne Hart

Director of Governmental Affairs
ext. 7205

Lynne Knight

Marketing Coordinator
ext. 7112


Brooke Martin

FDC Meeting Coordinator
ext. 7103

Jessica Lauria

Communications and Media Coordinator
ext. 7115


Jack Moore

Director of Accounting
ext. 7137

Alex Luisi

Leadership Concierge
ext. 7114


Christine Mortham

Membership Concierge
ext. 7136


Ashley Merrill

Member Relations Coordinator
ext. 7110

Murphy Meghan

Megg Murphy

Coordinator of Foundation Affairs
ext. 7161


Graham Nicol

Chief Legal Counsel
ext. 7118


Jill Runyan

Director of Communications
ext. 7113


Judy Stone

Leadership Affairs Manager
ext. 7123


Casey Stoutamire

Director of Third Party Payer and Professional Affairs

ext. 7202

Tallman, Crissy (2)

Crissy Tallman

Director of Conventions & Continuing Education
ext. 7105

Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor

Membership Dues Coordinator
ext. 7119

Tedder, Jennifer (2)

Jennifer Tedder

Program Coordinator
ext. 7106

Kaitlin Walker

Member Access Coordinator
ext. 7100