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Display Regulations

Regulations are from the International Association of Exhibitions and Events.

In-Line booths: Linear Booths  In-Line Booths: Linear Booths

Standard units in a straight line. Linear booths consist of an 8-foot-high backdrop and 3-foot-high side dividers mounted on aluminum tubular frames. Perimeter booths (standard booths located on the outer perimeter wall) may rise up to 12 feet where the ceiling permits. Solid construction in excess of 48 inches high must be a minimum of 5 feet back from the aisle. Show management should be notified if a perimeter booth is required. Each exhibitor is entitled to a reasonable sightline from the aisle. Site lines to other booths must be maintained on all end-cap booths.

Island Booths Island Booths

Four or more standard units with aisles on all four sides. Island booths may extend to all outer edges of the booth space, but must allow for see-through visibility and accessibility from all four sides. They are limited to a maximum height of 16 feet. A written request and appropriate drawings must be submitted for approval by the show management if an exhibitor plans to have a booth higher than 16 feet; have a solid wall higher than 4 feet running the length or width of the space; or plans booth construction with an unusual or nonstandard configuration.

An exhibitor who wants to create an island booth larger than those shown on the exhibit floor plan must purchase the additional booths needed to create the island. This space then becomes the aisle on the fourth aisle of the block of booths. [For example, if an exhibitor wants a 20’x 30’ (six booths) island, a 20’ x40’ (eight booths) space must be rented].

Peninsula Booths Peninsula Booths

Four or more standard units back to back with an aisle on three sides. The back wall of a peninsula booth must be on the non-aisle side and must not exceed 16 feet in height. The back wall will be centered (center 10 feet) on and not exceed in width one half the dimension of one side of a sidewall. The remainder of the back wall will not exceed 48 inches in height. All portions on the rear of this back wall must be finished and must not carry identification signs or other copy that would detract from the adjoining exhibits.
A written request and appropriate drawings must be submitted to show management for approval.

Towers Towers 

A free-standing exhibit component separate from the main exhibit fixture used for identification and display purposes only. Towers will be permitted to a height and depth that correspond to the height and depth regulations for the appropriate exhibit configuration of which they are a part. Example: Towers that are a part of a peninsula exhibit will not exceed 16 feet in height and will not be placed within 10 linear feet of a neighboring exhibit unless they are confined to that area of the exhibitor’s space that is at least 5 feet from the aisle line to avoid blocking the sightline from the aisle to the adjoining booth.
A written request and appropriate drawings must be submitted to show management for approval.