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Are you looking for creative ways to gain exposure and get attendees to your booth?

Consider participating in one of the sponsorship or marketing opportunities below. To get started on a plan that will work best for your company, contact Deirdre Rhodes, Exhibits Coordinator, at 850.350.710​8 or Don’t miss out! These opportunities will go quickly!

Click here to view the FDC2019 advertising opportunities. 

Registration Desk- $5,000 SOLD

Every dentist, hygienist and office staffer attending the FDC will visit the registration desk to pick up their name badges and lanyards. What better place to highlight your company!

Name Badges- $6,000 SOLD

What does every attendee wear throughout the convention, look at multiple times a day and possibly take home with them? Their name badge! With our new name badge, you have the opportunity to sponsor the back side of the badge (5"x3.5"). You can have your new product promoted or special offer printed on every name badge for the entire convention. 

Phone Charging Lockers- $3,000 (for 6) or $5,500 (for 12) SOLD

The electronic savvy attendee will be delighted to see free charging lockers to charge up the batteries of their cell phones, laptops, tablets or iPads. Each charging locker will charge multiple devices simultaneously. Sponsor signage will be displayed on the lockers and there is an option to display video on the screen. 

Hotel Key Cards- $6,000 SOLD

What does every attendee carry with them everywhere they go-- even to the pool-- look at multiple times a day and inadvertently take home with them when they leave the convention? Their hotel room key! Y​ou can have your company logo or special offer printed on every hotel key for the duration of the three-day meeting. This sponsorship works well when combined with the hotel room drop. 

Elevator Signage at the Gaylord Palms- $1,500 each (12 available) 

Catch everyone’s attention in the Gaylord Palms’ guest room elevators. Attendees are sure to see your message! Sponsor to provide artwork. 

Atrium Pole Signs- $3,000 - $15,000 SOLD

Your company logo and message can be displayed on banners hung on existing sign poles along the walkways throughout Gaylord Palms. Choose one section or the entire four-acre atrium. Either way, you won’t be missed!.

Cost: Everglades (10 signs): $3,000; St. Augustine (21 signs): $7,000; Key West (25 signs): $7,500; All signs, All areas: $15,000

Badge Lanyards- $5,000 SOLD

Each lanyard is an 18" fabric tie that features the sponsoring company's logo as well as the FDC logo. Lanyards are distributed to all meeting attendees from the general registration area and worn all three days of the meeting. (​Sponsorship does not include the cost and production of the lanyards. It is considered the responsibility of the sponsoring company). 

Convention Mobile App- $10,000 (Exclusive Sponsorship)

Put yourself in the hands of the attendees with this innovative sponsorship. The Convention mobile app provides attendees with convention information and allows them to engage before, during and for a year after the meeting ends. It makes it easy to follow product launches, receive updates and view interactive content. The FDC mobile app features include: a customizable convention schedule/personal itinerary; an interactive exhibitor list; the ability to search for exhibitors and products; an interactive exhibit floor plan; real-time convention alerts via text messaging; social media interaction with live Twitter feeds from anyone using the convention hashtag, plus much more! Included in this sponsorship is a banner ad and four push notifications. 

Fountain Wrap Sponsorship- $3,500 SOLD

A branding opportunity like no other. Wrap the fountain with your company logo. This sponsorship allows you to be one of the first and last seen by attendees at FDC2019.

Directional Floor Decals- $250 each or $5,000 exclusive SOLD

Direct the convention attendees straight to your booth with these highly visible, color floor decals. An excellent way to maximize your booth traffic! The decals are 24"x24" and are an excellent way to maximize your booth traffic. FDC will produce the decals; sponsors will need to provide graphics.

Window Clings- $3,000 (for 6​) or $5,500 (for 12)

Window clings are a great new way to inform attendees where your booth is located and what you're promoting before they even get inside the ​Exhibit ​Hall. Attendees will pass from the hotel to the Convention Center. Sponsor to provide artwork. 

Mirror Clings- $3,500 (upstairs), $3,500 (downstairs) or $6,500 (both)

Own the throne! Place your message where everyone will eventually be. Promote products or simply inform everyone who you are and where they can find you. Includes signage on the mirrors in the bathroom(s) at the convention center.

Marketplace Cafe- $5,000   

Food service for meeting attendees is located inside the Exhibit Hall. Tables are placed in this area to provide attendees with a place to sit while enjoying their selection from the Market Place Cafe. Table cards with your company logo will be placed on all of the tables in the food court during the entire convention. 

Gain extra exposure with attendees by providing them with napkins and cups that display your company logo. (Production and cost of additional items is not included in the sponsorship and is the responsibility of the sponsoring company).

Escalator Banner- $5,000 - $7,500

This sponsorship allows you to be one of the first and last seen by attendees at FDC. Adorn the top of the main Gaylord Palms escalator with a 15’-6” x 15’-6” banner. This escalator has heavy traffic and is located near the entrance to the Exhibit Hall and session areas.
Cost: $5,000 for single sided banner or $7,500 for double sided.

Hotel Room Drop- $5,000

Limited to one company per night; Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Put your sales material, publication or promotional item in attendees’ hands multiple times throughout the event. This opportunity works especially well when combined with a branded hotel room key designed to drive attendees to your booth. (Sponsorship does not include the cost of the promotional item or publication, distribution labor cost and all fees from event hotel. It is considered the responsibility of the sponsoring company.)

Transportation Sponsorship- $8,500

Reach attendees as they arrive and leave the Gaylord Palms Hotel via shuttle buses by sponsoring the attendee transportation area. Attendees will certainly notice this sponsorship, as the waiting area and shuttle buses provide transportation to and from offsite locations to attend FDC201​9. Your logo will appear on the buses, as well as the transportation waiting areas outside the Gaylord Palms Hotel. Recorded presentations may be broadcast on buses with video equipment.