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Registration/Course Cancellations and Transfers

A CANCELLATION refers to any termination of course, workshop, event, or complete registration at FDC. A TRANSFER refers to the movement of an individual out of one course, workshop or event and into another course, workshop or event.


All cancellations and/or requests for refunds for FDC201​9 must be made in writing and received postmarked by June ​​14, 201​​9. All complete registration cancellations are subject to a service and handling fee in the amount of $30 per cancelled registrant. Refunds are paid to the individual whose name appears at the top of the check or on the credit card used to pay for registration. Please allow up to six weeks after the meeting for refunds to be processed. No cancellation refunds for FDC201​9 courses, workshops, events onsite transfers or complete registrations will be honored for any reason after the June ​14, 201​​9 deadline.

Registration fees for Dentist/ADA member include membership to the Florida Dental Association and are non-refundable. 


On-site transfers will not be allowed for any limited-seating sessions (such as workshops). On-site transfers will be allowed for lecture courses if space permits. If an individual wishes to transfer into another session on-site, that individual must pay for the difference in cost of the new session. Please see a registration agent on-site to inquire about course transfers. No refunds will be given for onsite transfers regardless of difference in course tuition.

Course Satisfaction Disclaimer

Should you choose to register for a course outside the recommended audience, refunds will not be issued if you are dissatisfied with the course.