2019 FDA Foundation Board of Directors

Leadership and strategic direction of the FDA Foundation (FDAF) are provided by the FDAF Board of Directors. All of our programs are volunteer-driven and overseen by the FDAF Board, committees and sub-committees. These volunteers contribute their energy, ideas and support throughout the year.

Payne, Robert  

Dr. Robert Payne


Buckenheimer, Terry  

Dr. Terry Buckenheimer


Carr, Natalie 

Dr. Natalie Bustillo

Vice President​

Stevenson, Rick 

Dr. Rick Stevenson


Allen, Nolan   

Dr. ​Nolan Allen

Buckenheimer, Karen   

Ms. Karen Buckenheimer

Burwell, Beth

Ms. Beth Burwell

Garcia, Isabel  

Dr. Isabel Garcia

Glerum, Karen   

Dr. Karen Glerum

Dr. Bruce Gordy

Dr. Bruce Gordy

Dr. Idalia Lastra

Menendez, Oscar

Dr. Oscar Menendez

Terry, Beatriz

Dr. Beatriz Terry

Tandy, Bruce

Dr. Bruce Tandy

Dr. James Walton

Dr. James Walton

Eason, Drew  

Mr. Drew Eason

FDA Executive Director

Gruber, Greg

Mr. Greg Gruber


Ms. R. Jai Gillum

Director of Foundation Affairs

Kristin Badeau

Ms. Kristin Badeau

​Foundation Coordinator

Kristen Rule

Ms. Kristen Rule

Foundation ​Assistant

Foundation Board Group Photo 1