Code of Ethics

All professions are held to ethical standards, and dentistry is no different. In Florida, professionals who have joined the Florida Dental Association (FDA) are governed by a Code of Ethics published by the American Dental Association (ADA).

The FDA has an addendum to the ADA’s Code of Ethics that addresses the peer review process.

FDA Addendum to Code of Ethics:

Government of a Profession

A. Compliance with Peer Review Requests
A member-dentist who fails to comply with the reasonable requests and requirements of a duly constituted Peer Review Committee, pursuant to the policies and guidelines for such committee, is subject to be considered in violation of the Code of Ethics.

B. Compliance with Peer Review Decisions
A member-dentist who is brought before a duly constituted Peer Review Committee of this association shall comply with the final adjudication of that body, provided the hearing process follows the appropriate guidelines, including all appeal rights established by this association. A dentist who shall not abide by a final decision of the appropriate Peer Review Committee shall be considered in violation of the Code of Ethics.