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FDC Education

The 2018 Florida Dental Convention will offer a variety of topics taught by acclaimed speakers. FDC offers courses for the entire dental team. From practice management and team building courses to hands-on workshops and clinical lectures, there is sure to be a course for you! Keynote sessions are FREE for all attendees. 

Membership has its perks! FDA members can take advantage of a variety of FREE courses during FDC2018.

FDC2018 Speakers

Dr. Alexandre Abreu Mr. Roger Gilbert   Mr. Tom Morrison  
Ms. Lois Banta Dr. Joshua Gindea Dr. Ali Nasseh 
Mr. Luis Berrios Dr. Gary Glassman Mr. Jason Nunez
Dr. Chris Bulnes Dr. Marc Gottlieb Dr. Jill Ombrello
Dr. Anthony Cardoza Dr. Carlo Guevara Dr. Jason Portnof
Dr. Daniel Davidian Dr. John Hardeman Ms. Karen Raposa
Dr. Willy Dayan Mr. David Hester Dr. Sonali Rathore
Mr. Randy Dean  Ms. Jo Jagor Dr. Kenyatta Rivers
Mr. Michael DeMeola Ms. Ellen Karlin Dr. William Robinson
Dr. Matt Dennis Dr. James Kohner Dr. Chris Salierno
Ms. Nancy Dewhirst Mr. Dave La Veigne Dr. Mark Schweizer
Mr. Ryan Donihue Dr. Doug Lambert Dr. John Svirsky
Dr. Benjamin Dyches Dr. Pat Little Dr. Dania Tamimi
Mr. Chad Erickson Ms. Lisa Mallonee Mr. Vet Ryan
Dr. Mitchell Gardiner Mr. Greg May Ms. Monica Wofford