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FDC Contact Information

Florida Dental Convention
Phone: 850.681.3629
Toll Free: 800.877.9922 (in Florida)
General email:


Crissy L. Tallman, CAE, CMP

Director of Conventions & Continuing Education

Mrs. Tallman has been with the FDA since 2009. Crissy works in all areas of the convention to ensure they are successful. Crissy works directly with the hotel, service contractors, Convention and Visitors Bureau and destination management companies to coordinate meeting logistics. Crissy coordinates the educational program’s logistics and works directly with the Committee on Convention and Continuing Education throughout the convention planning process.


Kenlee Bruggemann

Meeting Assistant

Ms. ​Bruggemann has been with the FDA since 201​8. Kenlee works directly with FDC attendees to ensure a smooth registration process​, and acts as a resource to ​attendees during registration and onsite for any convention needs. ​Kenlee also works with FDA members ​for online CE and license renewal needs.


Brooke Martin

FDC ​​Marketing Coordinator

Mrs. Martin has been with the FDA since 2014. Brooke handles all marketing for FDC. She works directly with the registration company and attendees during FDC registration, and oversees the reporting of CE credit earned at FDC to CE Broker for all FDC attendees after the convention. Brooke also coordinates the scout, press and VIP registrations, as well as allied and specialty events. Lastly, Brooke acts as a resource to FDA members for all online CE and license renewal needs.


Jennifer Tedder, CMP

Program Coordinator

Ms. Tedder has been with the FDA since 2015. Jennifer works with the FDC Scientific Program Chairs to coordinate the speaker selection and program development. She also works directly with the speakers to coordinate travel arrangements, course equipment & A/V needs and course handouts. Jennifer handles negotiating and obtaining monetary and equipment sponsorships for speakers and courses, and coordinates the selection of speaker hosts for the convention.

Rhodes, Deirdre

Deirdre Rhodes

Exhibits Coordinator

Mrs. Rhodes has been with the FDA since 201​8. Deidre coordinates the sale of booth space for the FDC ​Exhibit Hall and provides general assistance to all FDC exhibitors and deals with the logistics surrounding t​he 400-booth show. She works directly with exhibitors for advertising and corporate sponsorship​ opportunities.