Call for Speaker Presentations

Call for presentations

Are you interested in enhancing the skills of the dental community so they can provide increased care and quality treatment to patients? Showcase your expertise and share your knowledge with dental professionals from across the country at the Florida Dental Convention (FDC)!  Call for presentations for FDC2024 will be open November 2021 – January 2022.   

2024 Florida Dental Convention | June 20-22,2024 
Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center | Orlando, FL  

*FDC plans 2-3 years in advance to prepare for a meeting of this magnitude. 
Call for Presentation deadlines for FDC2022 and 2023 have passed.  

The FDC planning committee is seeking speakers to present on a variety of topics that address the future of dentistry, scientific research, clinical tips and techniques, practice management and business administration for the entire dental team. If you are interested in being a FDC2024 speaker, utilize these tips and tricks when submitting your course proposal(s). To submit your proposal(s), complete the Speaker Proposal Form to provide more information. When submitting more than one proposal, select the link again to populate a new form.   

Speaker Proposal Form

Note: Courses must be educational in nature providing fair, full disclosure and equitable balance of all aspects of a topic being presented. No endorsement, commercialism or selling will be permitted. All course materials must be free from promotional influence and/or content. 

Who attends FDC?

Know your audience before submitting a proposal! 

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What course durations and topics are accepted at FDC? 

FDC schedules 2 1/2 - three-hour lecture courses and hands-on workshops per half-day. We ask that full-day lectures (6-7 hours) be independent of each other as a part one and part two course to allow participants to attend either one or both sessions. Full-day workshops are accepted but very few are placed onto the program. We also offer one-hour ‘Power Hour’ lectures on Thursday for those interested in volunteering their time. Topics include, but are not limited to:  

Adhesive Endodontics   Occlusion Prosthodontics
Administration Enrichment Oral Medicine Radiography
Aesthetic Financial Oral Pathology Restorative
Anesthesia Forensic Oral Surgery Sleep Disorders
Assisting Hygiene Orthodontics Special Interest
Botox/Dermal Fillers Implants Pediatric State Mandated
Certification Laboratory Technology Periodontics Technology
Communication Laser Pharmacology Temporomandibular 
Joint Disorders
Dental Materials Medical Emergencies Practice Management Treatment Planning

Note: Your course proposal should fall within at least one, but no more than three of the following areas of interest that are appliable to the course when completing the Speaker Proposal Form.  

How can I get noticed?

Hundreds of course proposals are submitted for consideration, here’s how YOU can stand out! Refer to the Tips and Tricks for Being Considered when completing your online course proposal.
Tips and Tricks for Being Considered


Ready to Submit for Consideration? 

You should now be well-equipped to submit a strong proposal!  The FDC planning committee will review all course proposals for consideration for the FDC2024 program. Any course proposals not selected for placement on the final scientific program will automatically roll over for consideration for the FDC2025 program. If interest is expressed, you may be asked to provide more insight or clarification regarding speaking experience and/or course details.  

If you remain on the final draft of the 2024 scientific program, you will be notified in the final months of 2022. Speaker contracting will occur in December 2022-January 2023.  

Call for Presentations FAQs

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