Who Are We and What Do We Do?

"Who are you and what do you do?" We get asked this question a lot. We are not a dental office, but a professional association for member dentists. The Florida Dental Association (FDA) is a state constituent of the American Dental Association (ADA), which represents dentists throughout the country.

Founded in 1884 by 12 dentists, the FDA is a professional membership organization with more than 8,100 members. Florida is its own district — the 17th Trustee District — in the ADA governing structure. The FDA also has its own representatives on the ADA Board of Trustees, councils and committees.

Florida has six district dental associations that represent the interests and activities of dentists in those areas. Each district association is comprised of affiliate (local) societies that have separate membership policies and programs, but typically work in conjunction with their district dental associations. As such, we function as what is called a tripartite (three-part organization). By joining one level, you get the benefits of all of them — the “Power of Three,” which underscores the mission of the ADA, FDA and its district associations to “help members succeed” by delivering programs, services, continuing education and advocacy to maximize value and service on every level.

Our insurance subsidiary, FDA Services (FDAS), is the wholly owned, for-profit insurance agency of the FDA that was founded in 1989 to help our members manage the ever-escalating malpractice premiums of the 1980s. A central focus on dental risk expertise and an unrivaled commitment to Florida’s dentists makes FDAS one of the most valuable FDA member benefits. FDAS is the one-stop shop for all the insurance products dentists will need throughout their careers, with exclusive discounts from top providers that can’t be beat. By choosing FDAS for their practice needs, dentists also support the FDA! Revenue generated from insurance sales goes directly toward helping fund FDA programs and lobbying efforts that are important to members, and keeps member dues at their lowest possible level.

The FDA Foundation is the philanthropic and charitable arm of the FDA, promoting dental health for all Floridians. The Foundation organizes and supports programs statewide to accomplish its mission. These key programs are the Florida Mission of Mercy, Project: Dentists Care and Donated Dental Services.

Please take a moment and check out the individuals on the FDA staff who work to help members succeed, as well as the number of member dentists who serve in volunteer roles from the Board of Trustees to the House of Delegates to various other councils and committees for the betterment of the dental profession.