Charitable Programs

Words cannot adequately convey the impact, sentiment and the positive, life-changing effects of the FDA Foundation (FDAF) programs. The associated numbers are impressive, but fall short of demonstrating the essence and importance of organized dentistry in our state.

Florida Mission of Mercy

The Florida Mission of Mercy (FLA-MOM) is a large-scale professional dental clinic that provides care to any patient at no cost to them, with the goal of serving the under-served and uninsured in Florida - those who would otherwise go without care.

Project: Dentists Care

Project: Dentists Care (PDC) is a dental access-to-care program. It consists of numerous organizations in Florida that provide a safety net of preventive and restorative dental care to those in greatest need. Many Florida Dental Association (FDA) members volunteer their time and services with these organizations to provide oral health care to the underserved. The PDC’s mission is to establish dental-access programs statewide. Patients who receive services under PDC are typically low-income individuals who do not qualify for public assistance and have the greatest unmet needs.

Donated Dental Services

The FDA Foundation has partnered with and provides funding to Florida Donated Dental Services (DDS). DDS is a program of Dental Lifeline Network (DLN), a national humanitarian organization that provides access to free, comprehensive dental treatment to Florida’s most vulnerable people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile. These are people who cannot afford necessary treatment and cannot get public aid. The program operates through a volunteer network of more than 420 dentists and 200 dental labs across the state of Florida.