Ways to Help

Volunteer Florida

The Florida Department of Health has requested that qualified health care practitioners support recovery efforts through Volunteer Florida, which is managing shelters and coordinating volunteers’ registration with trusted organizations so response can be coordinated. If you’re interested in volunteering:

  1. Go to www.VolunteerFlorida.org;
  2. Select “Volunteer”;
  3. View volunteer opportunities;
  4. Select “Express Interest”;
  5. Create a volunteer account or log into an existing account.

Food Pantry Donations

Sometimes, donations of “items” may not be practical to receive, transport or distribute; other times, they may not address the most immediate requests. It is encouraged that you reach out to local food pantries, such as those listed below, to determine areas of most need and provide assistance accordingly.

Cash Donations

The following reputable and trusted organizations will put your financial donation to work in meaningful ways.

  • The FDA Foundation’s Disaster Fund supports Florida dentists who have been impacted by a natural disaster with emergency grants to address immediate personal needs such as food, water and emergency shelter. Replenish the fund by making a cash donation and target your contribution to recovery of Florida dentists by selecting “Disaster Fund.”
  • The Collier Community Foundation has helped Collier County and its citizens for many years. The Community Foundation is a tax-exempt, public, charitable organization established in 1985 to increase focus on local private philanthropy.
  • The American Red Cross is an internationally known non-profit providing military and veteran services, blood donations and disaster relief. The Red Cross responds to an average of more than 60,000 disasters every year. If you donate, be sure indicate that you would like to support Hurricane Ian relief.
  • The United Way of Collier and the Keys supports many organizations with funds and services. The United Way partners locally to provide support to the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Goodwill, Guadalupe Center, Habitat for Humanity, Immokalee Foundation, YMCA and many more. They offer grants, disaster management case workers, and partner with local government.
The Salvation Army of Collier County has been serving that community since 1981. Donations help the organization provide services, including case work, supporting those in need, working with community partners, recovery groups and more.

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