Health Departments

State and County Resources

State Dental Programs
The state of Florida offers access to dental services to low-income and special-needs individuals through local health departments and private dental offices that participate in these state and federally funded programs.

Each of these programs has specific eligibility requirements. In addition to state programs, there are federal and private programs that provide dental services to persons in need. The state of Florida maintains a list of County Dental Health Directors which includes address and contact information for each unit.

County Dental Health Units
Of Florida’s 67 counties, 44 have a dental unit that provides various types of services to the needy. Persons in need of dental care should contact the public health dental program in their county to determine type of services provided, eligibility requirements and fees.

You can also search this web site for low cost dental health care clinics and providers using the free look-up tool, where you can search by county, city, zip code and more.