Project: Dentists Care

Project: Dentists Care (PDC) is a state-wide dental access to care network overseen and supported by the Florida Dental Health Foundation, Inc. Under the PDC banner, clinics and referral programs are organized by local dentists who volunteer their time and services to offer preventive and restorative dental care to Floridians in greatest need.

The goal of PDC is to establish dental-access programs statewide. Patients who receive services under PDC are typically low-income individuals who do not qualify for public assistance but have the greatest unmet needs. Monies to conduct PDC projects come from public donations, private grants and special event fundraisers with a majority of funding coming from practicing dentists throughout the state who are members of the Florida Dental Association.

Among other types of reduced cost dental care providers in Florida, PDC-affiliated programs can be located using the Reduced Fee Provider Search tool.