Treatment Planning

A treatment plan is a projected course of action for your dental health that is agreed to between you and your Dentist. The plan can include anything from fillings and sealants to scaling and referrals. To establish a treatment plan, you must first see a dentist (use the Find a Dentist search tool).

Your Role as a Dental Patient

You can be a smart consumer of dental care. Start by telling your dentist about yourself and your needs. Ask the dentist and office staff as many questions as needed to help you understand the treatment recommendations. Your dentist should explain each treatment option, including its benefits and drawbacks. For many oral health problems, dentists can offer multiple treatment options or levels of dental care. These options may vary in complexity, durability and cost.

Working together, you and your dentist can choose the treatment options that best meet your needs. This relationship is a shared responsibility.

Questions to Ask Your Dentist:

• What does this treatment recommendation mean?

• Are other treatment options available?

• How do the options differ in cost?

• Which solution will last the longest?

• Do all the options solve the problem?

• Which treatments are absolutely necessary?

• Which treatments are elective?

• Which treatments are cosmetic?

• Which procedures are urgently needed, and which ones are less urgent?

• How much will it cost?

• When and how are you expected to pay?

• Does the dentist participate in your health plan?

• Is the dentist a member of a professional dental sociaty such as the Florida Dental Association?

• What method of payment does he or she expect?

• When is payment due?

Comparison Shop

Feel free to call around the community to compare such factors as location, office hours, fees and what arrangements will be made in
case of emergency. If you are comparing fees, ask for estimates on full-mouth X-rays and a preventive dental visit that includes an
oral exam and teeth cleaning.

If you have talked with your dentist and are still unsatisfied to the extent that you desire a second opinion, search for another dentist using the “Find a Dentist” search tool.