School Resource Dentists

Dental Professionals in the Public Education Setting

The Florida Dental Association (FDA) has school resource dentists for most of the state’s 67 counties. These dentists work with school superintendents, school boards, school health education coordinators, school principals, school nurses and administration to represent the dental community on oral-health issues related to students in grades K-12.

The FDA's Guidelines for School Resource Dentists reflect the profession's continuing commitment to establish good oral health habits and prevention programs at an early age, and in the public education setting. School resource dentists provide information which helps school administrators and nurses to refer students in need of dental care to a dental home, Project Dentist's Care program, or enrollment in the Kids Care/Healthy Kids program.

For information on the School Resource Dentist program, contact the FDA office at (800) 877-9933, ext. 7161.