FDA Vision And Mission

The FDA’s vision for the future is that:

  • Oral health will be considered by all to be an essential part of overall health.
  • All individuals will have access to and proactively seek oral health care from qualified, ethical dental professionals.
  • FDA members will be the best qualified and most ethical oral health care professionals in Florida.
  • The FDA will be seen as the primary, most-trusted and most-accessed resource for information and education about oral health care and its delivery in the state of Florida.
  • Freedom of practice will remain an integral element of the evolving oral health care delivery environment.

The mission of the FDA and its members is to improve the oral health of Florida residents, promote ethical practice standards, and direct the evolution of the practice environment through continuous education and advocacy for the profession and the public.

Each year, the FDA’s Board of Trustees conducts a strategic planning session and develops an updated Strategic Plan for approval by the House of Delegates. The current FDA strategic plan can be viewed or downloaded below.

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FDA Strategic Plan for 2011 -- 2013 55.91 KB