Graduated Dues Discount Program

Membership in the single largest organization protecting the dental profession is a three-part (often referred to as “tri-partite”) membership and consists of membership in the American Dental Association (ADA), Florida Dental Association (FDA) and your local component. This provides you with valuable resources at each level of the association and protects your ability at both the state and national level to be successful in your chosen profession.

The association understands the challenges new graduates experience after completing their formal education and passing the dental exam. Financial pressures from school loans and other dental practice concerns can make it very challenging and sometimes overwhelming.  However, membership in the ADA/FDA is paramount to your success, now…and in the future! 

The ADA, FDA and your local society offer a graduated dues discount program for all new dentists joining the association immediately after graduation. Don’t delay…join the association after graduation from dental school and enjoy $0 dues during your year of graduation and the first full year out from dental school. Subsequent year’s dues are gradually increased 25% each year. You won’t pay full dues until your 5th year out from dental school!

Year of Graduation (upon receipt of your application): $0 dues
1st Year Out: $0 dues
2nd Year Out: 25% of full dues
3rd Year Out: 50% of full dues
4th Year Out: 75% of full dues
5th Year out: full dues

Your membership and support of the association is paramount to your future success and the health of the dental profession. Join early and save!