Legal Affairs Department        

nicolGraham H. Nicol, Esq, Chief Legal Counsel and Director of Legal Affairs, Ext 7118

This department coordinates the association’s legal activities, including litigation management and contract review. It administers the FDA’s risk management programs to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. It also provides staff support to the Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs and the FDA’s chief liaison to the Board of Dentistry and it serves as an important means of pursuing the reconciliation of association policy with governmental regulations affecting the dental profession.

Ÿ contracts
Ÿ legislation
Ÿ regulations
Ÿ dental benefits and care
Ÿ dental education and licensure
Ÿ dental ethics

Staff support for:
Ÿ Board of Trustees
Ÿ Speaker of the House
Ÿ Council on Dental Benefits and Care
Ÿ Council on Dental Education and Licensure
Ÿ Council on Dental Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs

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