ADA Delegation

17th Trustee District Delegation 

Also known as the Florida Delegation to the ADA, this group represents the FDA at meetings of the American Dental Association House of Delegates. The delegation is comprised of FDA Officers, representatives from the component dental associations, and at-large member selected by the FDA House of Delegates.

Member Name - Member Role

Ackley, Eva - At-Large Delegate
Attanasi, Ralph - At-Large Alternate
Bird, Gerald - Automatic At-Large Alternate
Boden, David - Automatic At-Large Delegate
Brown, Andy - Automatic At-Large Delegate
Brown, Tom - At-Large Alternate
Bulnes, Christopher- At-Large Delegate, Chair
Carr-Bustillo, Natalie - At-Large Delegate
Cochran, Stephen - At-Large Alternate
Cordoba, John - At-Large Delegate
Douglas, Bethany - Component Alternate
Eggnatz, Michael - At-Large Delegate
Gesek, Daniel - At-Large Delegate, Vice Chair
Glerum, Karen - Component Delegate
Harrison, F. Reese - Component Alternate
Hughes, Bert - At-Large Delegate
Iranmanesh, Reza - Component Delegate
Johnson, Drew - At-Large Alternate
Johnson, Kristie - Component Alternate
Kahn, Bernie - At-Large Alternate
Kalarickal, Zacharias - At-Large Delegate
Kolos, George -
At-Large Alternate
Liddell, Rudy - 17th District Trustee
Limosani, Mark - Component Alternate
Lynn, Casey - At-Large Alternate
Marron-Tarrazzi, Irene - Component Delegate
Miller, Paul - At-Large Delegate
Nguyen, Robin - At-Large Alternate
Olmos, Rodolfo - At-Large Alternate
Ottley, Jeff - Component Delegate
Palo, Paul - At-Large Delegate
Pansick, Ethan - At-Large Delegate
Pasqual, John - Component Alternate
Paul, John - At-Large Delegate, Whip
Sabates, Cesar - ADA President-elect
Richardson, Joe - Component Alternate
Stevenson, Richard - At-Large Alternate
Stilley, Jessica - At-Large Alternate
Stratton,Mike - Component Delegate
Terry, Beatriz - Automatic At-Large Alternate
Thiems-Heflin, Suzanne - Component Delegate
Trotter, Linda - At-Large Alternate
Wong, Anthony - At-Large Alternate
Zuknick, Stephen - At-Large Delegate