Kindergarten through 5th Grade Curriculum -- Grades 6 through 8

The Mouth Wise K-5 dental-health education curriculum was created by the Florida Dental Association and supported by a grant from the Florida Dental Health Foundation. The objective of the curriculum is to teach students in Kindergarten through fifth grades about the importance of dental-health care.

The curriculum contains an introduction, followed by five modules: Meet Your Mouth, Let's Talk Teeth, The Plaque Attack, Tips for Terrific Teeth and A Trip to the Dentist's Office. These Lessons address the Sunshine State Standard “Health Literacy” related to increasing students’ knowledge about various ways to promote health and prevent disease.

The presentations will help students understand the benefits of good oral health practices and the role of the dentist (and staff) in protecting the overall health and well-being of patients.

Teacher's Aides


The Plaque Attack

Meet Your Mouth

Tips For Terrific Teeth

Let's Talk Teeth

A Trip to The Dentists Office

The Mouthwise K5 Videos are now available online, converted from their original CD format, followed by the two-part production, A Trip to the Dentists Office. Videos can be enlarged to full screen and will play in continuous sequence.

Click any video in the slideshow to play.

The Florida Dental Association approves the use of the Mouthwise K-5 and 6-8 oral health education curricula, including online videos, CD’s, teaching materials and classroom activities in elementary and middle school settings.

Users agree not to reproduce any part of the downloaded curriculum materials for sale or loan on a fee basis.

Persons who wish to use the Mouthwise curricula outside a school setting should contact the FDA office at (800) 877-9922 for permission.