Membership Service, Recruitment, and Retention

Kerry Gomez-Rios,  Director of Membership, Ext 7121

Josh Freeland, Membership and Marketing Assistant, Ext. 7111

Lynne Knight, Marketing Coordinator, Ext. 7112

Christine Mortham, Membership Concierge, Ext. 7136

Kaitlin Alford, Membership Relations Assistant, Ext. 7100

Joyce Defibaugh, Membership Dues Bookkeeper, Ext. 7116

This department is the custodian of FDA membership records (including address changes), through which it administers the recruitment and processing of new members and retention of existing members. In coordination with the Accounting and Data Processing Department, it coordinates the billing of annual dues and membership assessments approved by the House of Delegates. It also processes dues hardship waivers and Relief Fund applications. It serves as staff support to the Council on Membership and the Committee on the New Dentist.

This department also develops all marketing materials used by programs underwritten by the FDA, FDA Services, the Florida Dental Health Foundation, the political action committees and Project: Dentists Care (except materials developed through contract vendors).


  • membership recruitment and retention
  • section membership
  • promotional and printed materials
  • marketing

Staff support for:

  • Council on Membership
  • Sub-council on the New Dentist

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