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FDC Education

The 2019 Florida Dental Convention, June 27-29, will offer a variety of topics taught by acclaimed speakers. FDC offers courses for the entire dental team. From practice management and team building courses to hands-on workshops and clinical lectures, there is sure to be a course for you! 

FDC2019 will feature "Dawson Seminar I: Functional Occlusion From TMJ to Smile Design" for a discounted rate!

FDA Members receive FREE pre-registration and up to 18 of FREE courses! Click here to view the list of free courses. 

FDC2019 Speakers

John Alonge, DDS, MS

Mary Horvath

Clay Archer, MBA

Mark Hyman, DDS, MAGD

Alan Atlas, DMD

Ken Jorgenson

Peter Auster, DMD

Ron Kaminer, DDS

Joanne Bailey, RDH

Mark Kleive, DDS, PA

Judy Bendit, RDH, BS

Mark Limosani, DMD, MSc, FRCD(c)

Luis Berrios

Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Charles Blair, DDS

Douglas Manning, DMD

Chris Bormes, MICOI

Robert Marbach, BA, CDT

Lee Ann Brady, DMD

Jacquelyn Mavrookas,

Rosalie Brao, DDS

Gregory May

Traci Brown

Monica Monsantofils, RDH, EPDH, PG Dip

Christopher Bulnes, DMD

Leda Mugayar, DDS, MS

Christopher Campbell, DMD

Rodrigo Neiva, DDS, MS

Lillian Caperila, RDH, BSDH, M.Ed.

Jean Ocasio, CDA

Don Cohen, DMD

Jill Ombrello, DDS

John Cranham, DDS

Gregory Oxford, DDS, MS, PhD

Kimberley Daxon, DDS

Ray Padilla, DDS

Michael DeMeola, CPA, CFE

Michael Panaccio, CDA

Chad Duplantis, DDS

Laci Phillips

Glenn DuPont, DDS

Miranda Reed

Ross Enfinger, DMD

Jeff Scott, DMD

Danielle Freburg-Hoffmeister, DDS, MD

Debra Seidel-Bittke, RDH, BS

Roger Gilbert

Tracy Shaw-Blessing, DMD

Joshua Gindea, DDS

Pamela Sims, Pharm.D, PhD

Theresa Gonzales, DMD, MS, MSS

Todd Snyder, DDS, PC

Brandon Gordon, DDS

Jane Soxman, DDS

Reneé Graham, RDH, M.Ed.

Barbara Steinberg, DDS

Richard Gray, DDS

Stacey Steinberg, JD

Theresa Groody, MEd, EFDA, CDA

Casey Stoutamire, JD

Garrett Gunderson

Kevin Suzuki, DMD, MS

Manor Haas, DDS, Cert Endo,

Steve Taubman, DC

Barry Hammond, DMD

Chase Taylor, DMD

Gavin Heymann, DDS, MS

Ryan Vet

Harald Heymann, DDS, MEd

Robin Wessels

Casey Hiers

DeWitt Wilkerson, DMD

Adam Hinkley, DDS

Richard Winter, DDS