Accounting Department

mooreJack Moore, Chief Financial Officer, Ext. 7137

foyDeanne Foy, Bookkeeper, (FLADPAC & DENTPAC & Special Projects), Ext. 7165

mcghinTammy McGhin, Payroll and Property Coordinator, Ext. 7139

pattersonMable Patterson, Bookkeeper (Accounts Payable, including members' travel reimbursements), Ext. 7104 


Leona Boutwell, Bookkeeper (Florida Dental Health Foundation & Receivables) ,Ext. 7138

The accounting department prepares the annual budgets under the direction of the executive director and treasurer, and maintains the cash investments, charts of accounts, income tax and other tax returns preparation (including Form 990 federal tax returns), payroll and HR files, general ledger, property assets (including coordination of buildings/property & equipment maintenance), accounts payable (including members' travel reimbursements for the FDA) and accounts receivable. It also is responsible for audits; contract files for the FDA, FDA Services, FLADPAC, DENTPAC, the Florida Dental Health Foundation (FDHF).

Staff support for:
Ÿ House of Delegates
Ÿ Council on Financial Affairs
Ÿ Board of Trustees
Ÿ Audit Committee
Ÿ Treasurers of Various Agencies

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