Thank you for choosing the Florida Dental Convention for your continuing education! FDC offers an extensive scientific program to ensure you can earn the CE you need for license renewal and professional success. Florida dentists are required to complete 30 credit hours of approved continuing education in dental-related subject matter each biennium. You can earn up to 20 hours of CE credit at FDC, including mandatory and certification courses. As a benefit of attending FDC, all verified course attendance will be automatically submitted to CE Broker for Florida-licensed attendees. When registering, add your Florida license number to ensure credit is reported correctly. 

FDC Course Codes

 C    Clinical Lecture   CE approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry 
 W  Hands-on Workshop  CE approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry
 PM  Practice Management  CE approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry
 DD Deep Dive Course  CE approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry
 MR  Hands-on 
 CE approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry
 NC  Non-credit Courses  Non-credit course

The Florida Board of Dentistry specifies that approved practice management courses include “principles of ethical practice management, provides substance abuse, effective communication, with patients, time management, and burnout prevention.” FS 466.0135(c)

CEU Verification

CE verification is automatically provided for all attendees. To receive credit for course attendance, attendees must scan their badge upon entering and exiting each course. The system will calculate the amount of time an attendee was present and award the credit appropriately. Per the Florida Board of Dentistry, in order to receive one hour of CE credit, attendees must be present in a course a minimum of 50 of 60 minutes. 

CEU Reporting

All verified course attendance will be automatically reported to CE Broker for Florida-licensed attendees no later than July 24, 2021. Credit will not be reported to CE Broker for non-credit (NC) courses. Attendees will be notified once credit has been reported to CE Broker. Each state varies on what is accepted for continuing education and those courses can be self-reported to your reporting entity after the event, should your organizing Board of Dentistry accept those courses. 

CEU Certificates

Attendees will be emailed their CE certificates automatically by June 28, 2021. Attendees also can print their certificate at CE stations during the convention. CE certificates will include all verified course attendance. Non-credit (NC) courses will be listed as zero hours. Only credit for full course attendance will be automatically added to your CE certificate. Credit for partial course attendance will be reviewed and added to certificates and reported to CE Broker no later than July 24, 2021. Attendees will be sent an updated CE certificate once partial credit has been added. 

If you need assistance obtaining your CE certificate or have questions about your CE, please contact FDC Meeting Assistant Lavonne Patoir at lpatoir@floridadental.org.