FAQs - Dentists

How do I register to volunteer?

Volunteer registration is OPEN!  Please click the orange "Register to Volunteer" button below.

We will need many dental, medical and community volunteers to help make FLA-MOM
successful for those searching for dental care.

Where do I stay?

FLA-MOM has arranged for a discounted room block at the Hyatt Place Lakeland Center, 525 West Orange Street, Lakeland, FL 33815 The cost per night is $209.00. Please see the link below to make your reservation:

Below is an interactive map of surrounding hotels for your convenience.

What items will be supplied for the clinic?

  • instruments
  • handpieces (high and low speed)*
  • gloves
  • masks
  • disposable prophy angles
  • prophy paste
  • sealants
  • fluoride varnish
  • gauze (2x2, 4x4)
  • dental floss
  • liquid hand sanitizer
  • patient bibs, bib holders
  • disinfecting wipes/surface disinfectant
  • sterilizer pouches
  • syringes and needles
  • Q-tips and topical anesthetic
  • anesthetics
  • cotton rolls
  • dry angles
  • disposable instrument trays
  • articulating paper
  • safety glasses
  • toothbrushes
  • toothpaste
  • saliva ejectors and HVE tips
  • chair covers
  • burs
  • amalgam and bases
  • composite
  • etch/bond
  • matrix bands and wedges
  • amalgamator
  • curing lights
  • hand piece lubrication
  • stainless steel crowns
  • cement
  • endo supplies
  • pens/markers
  • hand mirrors

*Handpieces will be available, but they may be different from what you are accustomed to.

Dental supplies

What supplies should I bring?

Dentists may bring any special equipment needed, such as headlights or magnifying eyewear.

Other suggested items include:

  • Handpieces - some will be available, but you may prefer to bring your own.
  • Burs - only if you have a favorite!
  • Curing Lights - extra curing lights limit the chances of cross-contamination when sharing.

Be sure to properly label all your equipment with your name.

Curing a filling

What do I need to know to volunteer for a clinical position?

All clinical volunteers must be licensed by the state of Florida or complete an out-of-state registration. License numbers are required on the volunteer registration form and will be verified before the event. Anyone directly involved with patient care is required to have a current hepatitis vaccination.

Please note: Out-of-state dentists must register by a designated deadline in order to allow time for your credentials to be reviewed. After completing the initial registration, a link will be emailed in order to provide additional information and upload documentation.

Tooth cleaning

I'm a dentist. but I don't have an active license to practice in Florida. Can I volunteer at the FLA-MOM?

Yes. Dentists from out of state can treat patients at FLA-MOM, provided they complete the required out-of-state dentist registration information and are approved by a third-party screening authority. The deadline to register as an out-of-state dentist is April 19, 2024.

Volunteers with inactive Florida dental licenses or those who do not wish to apply for a temporary license can volunteer in other areas such as Central Supply, Sterilization, Dental Laboratory, Patient Education, etc.

Please note: Out-of-state hygienists are not able to treat patients at FLA-MOM.

Additionally, foreign-trained dentists can volunteer as a dental assistant but cannot directly treat patients as a dentist.

2023 FLA MOM

I am a RETIRED dentist. Can I volunteer at FLA-MOM?

The Florida Board of Dentistry indicates that dentist volunteers at FLA-MOM have a clear and active license.  As a retired dentist, the active dental license has expired and therefore we ask that you volunteer in a non-clinical capacity.

Volunteers with inactive Florida dental licenses can volunteer in other areas such as Central Supply, Sterilization, Dental Laboratory, Patient Education, etc.

Do I need liability insurance to treat patients at the FLA-MOM?

Licensed dentists and hygienists do not need to have their own malpractice insurance to practice at the FLA-MOM. The FDA Foundation’s insurance through The Doctor’s Company will cover licensed dentists and licensed hygienists at the FLA-MOM.


Can dental students treat patients?

FLA-MOM has many wonderful learning opportunities for students. We encourage all students to volunteer in positions where they can interact with patients, such as Patient Education, exit interviews, escorting patients, or assisting in dental, hygiene, or sterilization departments.

Dental students at FLA MOM

Can I work with my dental team or will I be individually assigned?

Dental teams are encouraged to volunteer together — this is a great opportunity for team building! If you wish to volunteer with a specific person, please sign up for the same shift and meet on-site to work together.

Dentists and assistants who do not have someone to practice with will be paired with another volunteer on-site.

Will dental instruments be available or should I bring my own?

Dental instruments will be provided. You are welcome to bring your favorites, but please ensure that all personal items are clearly labeled with your name. Ultrasonic scalers will be available for hygienists.

Dental chairs at FLA MOM

Is nitrous oxide available?

No, nitrous oxide will not be available.  We only use local anesthetic for procedures requiring numbing at the FLA-MOM clinic.

What else should I bring?

Clinicians should plan to bring their own eye protection. Headlamps and extra batteries are recommended to increase visibility.

A disposable gown, masks, and gloves will be provided on-site. Instruments and supplies also will be provided. A limited number of curing lights will be available, so you may want to consider bringing your own.

Please feel free to bring your own dental instruments if you like, but please ensure that all personal items are clearly labeled with your name. The FDA Foundation is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged equipment. Your equipment should be properly sterilized, in good working order, safe, effective and only used for its intended purpose.

2023 Florida Mission of Mercy

What NOT to bring

Please do not bring weapons of ANY kind, illegal substances or anything of value.

Please leave your personal belongings at home or locked in your vehicle. We do not have a secured area for personal belongings and want to avoid tripping hazards on the clinic floor. Drawstring backpacks will be given to all volunteers for small items such as keys, wallet, cell phone. We ask that you wear your backpack throughout the event.

Please do not bring latex gloves or anything containing latex as some volunteers/patients may be allergic to latex.

Attendees with backpacks

Will chairside stools be provided for dentists or assistants?

One chairside stool will be provided for each treatment chair for the dentist or hygienist to use during treatment.

Service dog watches as patient is treated

Can I receive CE credit for volunteering at the FLA-MOM?

Please note that all volunteers will receive a volunteer certificate with their service hours. Clinical volunteers may use this volunteer certificate and self-report hours needed to appropriate agencies.

Credit awarded for tpro bono volunteer hours is accepted at the discretion of the agency to which you report CEU's. Per the Florida Board of Dentistry, "Dentists and dental hygienists may obtain a maximum of six (6) hours per biennium of required continuing education credit for participating in such programs. Continuing education credit shall be calculated at a ratio of 1 continuing education credit for each 1 hour of patient services provided to approved programs." FS 64B5-12.013(8)e

Florida licensed attendees must self-report pro bono credit hours to CE Broker for license renewal. These credits will be reported to the category "pro bono services."

CEU credit is only applicable for clinical shifts. Non-clinical volunteer shifts will not be accepted for pro bono CEU credit.