Dues FAQs

There are many categories and investment options. We hope this information will prove helpful to you as you reinvest in all the resources and benefits your membership provides to help you succeed. If you still have unanswered questions after reading this section, please call your Member Relations Team at 800.877.9922.

  • Is there a way to recoup some of my investment?
  • Is there someone I can talk with about my membership investment?
  • Can I invest in the ADA, FDA and my local society all at once?
  • When do I need to pay my dues?
  • Can I invest using a credit card?
  • Can I automatically renew my membership each year?
  • What are my investment options?
  • Can I get tax credit for my member investment?
  • I'm a recent graduate, how much are my dues?
  • What does each line item on my statement mean?
  • My spouse and I are about to have a baby and I'm planning on taking the year off. Can I qualify for reduced dues?
  • I'm in an extended education program. Can I still be a member of organized dentistry?
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