COVID-19 Updates

We were there when you needed us! The Florida Dental Association (FDA) worked in partnership with the American Dental Association (ADA) and local components to provide timely information to members during the most dramatic moments of the COVID-19 pandemic. We responded with clarity during a turbulent time — delivering reliable clinical and practice resources to give dentists confidence to get back to work. We also advocated at the state and national levels and directed messages to the public and the media in order to increase patients' comfort levels in returning to dental practices.

The FDA will continue to send COVID Update emails to members when there is breaking news or pertinent information to share. All of the FDA's past COVID Update emails are posted on this website for reference.

Members can use the ADA's specially developed landing page to get the latest COVID-19 guidance, including government policy, emerging science and patient resources tailored for the dental profession. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is an excellent resource for the most current COVID-19 recommended protocols.

The FDA and ADA were proud to be your go-to source and will continue to be available to assist members. If you have questions or need information, we suggest you consult the sites noted above or simply call the FDA at 850.681.3629.